Herbeau – From chamber pots and wooden buckets to the gleaming tubs and toilets of today, Herbeau has become synonymous with the evolution of kitchen and bath.

DC, DE, E. PA, MD, S. NJ, VA & WV

Line Art – Solid wood furniture dedicated to the bathroom using only natural materials including solid oak, teak, stone and high quality cabinet fittings.

DC, DE, E. PA, MD, S. NJ, VA & WV

MAAX-logoMaax – Designer line of quality bath fixtures, including showers, soakers, air baths, whirlpools, and semi-custom shower doors.

DC, MD & N. VA

Mac Faucets – Committed to designing and manufacturing a proprietary line of luxury automatic faucets for a discerning clientele.

DC, DE, E. PA, MD, S. NJ & VA

waterstone-faucets-logoWaterstone – Distinctive kitchen faucets built to last a lifetime in the most popular room in your home – the kitchen.  Waterstone is all about blending Art with Technology.